Meet the couple:

This Disney loving couple met in high school in a textiles and clothing class back in 2011 (**Fun fact: For the final class project, Elias made a Toy Story vest and planned on wearing the vest to the homecoming dance**). The two remained close friends even after the class ended that semester. Years passed, and at Colleens Sr. year prom, Elias asked Colleen to dance. They had a blast that night and danced the night away! Both Elias and Colleen knew they found one another fun to be around, but as time went on, they both began to see one another as more than just friends. 

Eventually, Elias asked Colleen out to a couple dates and the rest was history! Today, they have been married reside in PA with their dog, Balboa. They enjoy serving at their Church, hanging out with friends, lounging around with one another and, of course, LOVE GOING TO DISNEY AS MUCH AS THEY CAN! 

Favorite Park: Elias- Hollywood Studio / Colleen- EPCOT

Favorite Resort: Elias- Saratoga Springs / Colleen- Saratoga Springs

Favorite Disney Movie: Elias- Beauty and the Beast / Colleen- The Lion King

Favorite Pixar Movie: Elias- A Bug's Life / Colleen- Toy Story

Favorite Disney (anywhere on property) Restaurant: Elias- Raglan Road Irish Pub at Disney Springs / Colleen: Unknown