blog post- 2: Disney. Safe during covid?

Published on 18 February 2021 at 09:51

When the pandemic hit worldwide, the entire country (just about the entire world) shut down. People were frightened, clueless, hysterical and just emotional. We knew very little about the virus, other than that it was one which would kill you, if contracted. It has been well over a year since the virus came to the US and although we are well on our way to a full recovery as a country, there are some who insist on staying locked in and shut down. Today, February 17th, 2021, we know that the survival rate of this virus is significantly higher than the rate of which people are dying; most people survive the virus. 

As a result of the worldwide outbreak that was/is exaggerated by the media (whose job is to tell a one sided story in order to keep us hooked), people refuse to live life as they used to. Going to the grocery store has now become something that is "risky" because you might get covid. Also, going to the most visited theme park in all of the world seems rather daunting, as well. However, I am here to tell you that Disney is SAFE. Actually.... its cleaner and safer than ever before. 

My wife and I have gone to Disney 5 times during the covid outbreak, and we have seen Disney pre and post covid. If you were okay with being in a germ and virus infested place like Disney before the pandemic, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to be skeptical now. The only thing that has changed about Disney is their cleaning measures and precautions, which was never bad to begin with. Social distancing is being enforced as best as they can (this is not 100% successful, but you must figure that any success in socially distancing people [who are all wearing masks] is safer than 0 success at all), mask wearing is required in all places on property (this is more like 99% successful in enforcing the mandate. If you wear your mask wrong, cast members will get on your case about it. They are SUPER strict about this EVERYWHERE on property, as you are no longer allowed to pull your mask down to eat or drink UNLESS you are clearly stationary), they've changed the way they clean the resort rooms, social distancing of dining tables when dining at restaurants, they've sealed the remotes to the TV in a bag so you know it's been cleaned properly (see picture), they have installed more sanitizer dispensers, installed Plexiglass in some places to act as a barrier, increased the amount of disinfecting that is being done on property, they have installed hand-washing stations to ensure guests are washing their hands more frequently (see picture), they have created ways to shop, wait in line, check in and check out of hotels ALL without ever coming in contact with a human, and so so much more.

So, yes. If you were okay with going to Disney before covid, you should certainly have no restrictions about it now, being that it is way cleaner and many more measures are in place to keep us safe. All things considered, do what makes you and your family feel comfortable, but just know that being on Disney property has never been cleaner or safer. Happy travels!


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