blog post- 1: Honeymoon and DVC

Published on 18 February 2021 at 09:39

I had no idea just how complicated and demanding planning a trip to Disney can (...and should) be. "What do you think about going to Disney for our honeymoon?", asked my wife. Being a Disney lover, I of course responded in the affirmative. I did not help her much, I did not give her much insight or ideas on how to make this trip special, but she did it all. She planned a 5 day/6 night honeymoon of a lifetime! People found this fact very surprising, but this would be my first trip EVER going to Disney World. Disney has always been something I loved. Growing up, I was under the impression that Disney was a place where rich people went during the summer. I was not rich, so we (my family) never went, nor did we vacation much at all to begin with.

We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort, where they upgraded our standard view room to a 'Preferred View- Pool side' room. It was the perfect start to our honeymoon stay! My beautiful bride booked the perfect trip where we visited all 4 parks and ate at many different restaurants, which is always one of our favorite parts since we LOVE good food. It was during this trip where we were roped into a 30 minute presentation of Disney's timeshare program called "Disney Vacation Club" (DVC). I had never really heard of DVC before, but I had certainly heard of people going to Disney year after year after year again. Being as though my wife and I love Disney and that I had made it a goal of mine to try and vacation with my family once a year, the idea of a Disney timeshare was like music to my ears. 

We were yet convinced on this expensive ($20k) timeshare, but we had many questions. We came to the presentation for the free drinks, snacks and gift card ($100), but we left wanting more. We made an appointment to return for a 2nd presentation, which was really a tour of a DVC resort and their rooms. We fell in love and envisioned ourselves returning to these "DVC resorts" to vacation annually to Disney with the kids we did not have. We were given fast passes instead of gift cards, and we left that day the desire to know more about the possibilities of joining the DVC community. 

After about 3 months worth of research, we did the thing. We bought a 42 year long contract at Seratoga Springs Resort & Spa! Here we are over a year later, loving our membership and using to the fullest THROUGH the Covid pandemic! Stay tuned for more of our Disney posts and updates on our Disney adventures!


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