Blog 4- Disney tips for newbies!

Published on 15 April 2021 at 20:49

Before my wife and I went to Disney for our Honeymoon (my first time at Disney), I was in a state of Disney-ignorance, if you will. Colleen did all of the planning. Planning is something I am not great at, in the grand scheme of things. In my voyages to Disney since then, I have learned the immense importance in planning for Disney. Below, please find our biggest tips and tricks for a Disney vacation!

1. Wear comfy sneakers! 

2. Be ready for plan “B”!

Okay, this one is frustrating, cause when I am at Disney I DON’T WANT A PLAN B! But it may be inevitable. Rain, kid poops in a pool, emergency at your restaurant, ride closure and so much more. 


It may rain. It probably will rain. Bring socks. If not, you will get blisters. Don’t get blisters. Pack extra socks.

4. Make sure you book the restaurants best for you and your party!

Not all restaurants will give you the same reaction and feeling as others!

There are close to 500 restaurants in ALL of Disney property and none are created equally! Even the McDonalds has Pizza and cake to offer you! Some restaurants sound awesome, but when you get there, since you didn’t do much research, you realize that it’s a horrible place for intimate conversations because of how loud the music/dancing is (Planet Hollywood/Raglan Road). Check out your options! Some are built for more of a nightlife while others cater more towards family, etc.!

5. Establish a budget! 

Go into this knowing how much you want to spend, cause if not, you may spend… and spend… and then you may spend some more. Just make a budget. You’ll thank me later!

6. Bring your own poncho!

Disney, although in Florida and super sunny and hot at times, can be supper muggy, humid and RAINY. The rain can come on and off. Sometimes it comes on for 10 minutes, sometimes 4 hours, sometimes ALL DAY; DON’T LET THIS RUIN YOUR TRIP! Just be prepared! Bring your own poncho, cause the alternative is buying one at Disney for like $30! 

7. Charge your phone!

Make sure you charge it so #8 doesn’t present as much of an issue!

8. Bring a portable charger!

Your phone will die. Yes. Especially if you’re one of those who does not charge your phone while you sleep. Your phone will die. Between taking pictures, posting on social media, adding filters, going on the Disney app, texting, calling, reserving and so much more, your phone may very well die before you get the chance to charge it. You do have the option of buying a portable charger from a Disney charging kiosk, but they’re like $30 for the day! Just buy your own online and use it for your entire trip!

9. Do the math on the dining plan!

Yes. It can be tempting, but it may not be the best value! Especially if you’re going to return home having not used all of your meal credits! The dining plan, although convenient, can be totally more expensive and too much food! Colleen and I did it for our honeymoon because we made it clear that we wanted to splurge and eat as much as we want and just DO IT BIG! Haha But that may not be the best option for you and your party!

10. Be considerate of others around you!

Screaming and shouting, stopping to take a bunch of pictures while other navigate around you in an overcrowded park, getting drunk, stopping to tie your shoe in the middle of a walkway, not paying attention to the moving line for a popular ride cause your taking a selfie or texting someone, yeah, all things that are avoidable if you pay attention and be considerate of others around you! Trust me, we are all human, and I am totally guilty of the texting in line, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. I need to keep working on that! Let's work on these things together and make the overall experience for all people worthwhile, happy and magical :)

11. If you have kids, PAY ATTENTION TO THEM!

Simple as that. If you have kids… make sure they don’t photobomb, make sure they don’t hide in a trash dumpster, make sure they don’t run around like animals around the stores, etc. Don’t get me wrong, kids will be kids! And they should be! But that is exactly why I commission and challenge you parents out there to keep your eyes on your kids!

12. Don’t try to do everything at once!

This is a tough one. Disney, for many, is a thing you do not get to do multiple times a year. For many people, Disney is something you do once a year or every other. All things considered, do not try and do everything at once. Create an itinerary plan and stick to it. Be realistic. Give yourself some grace. You may not be able to do all things on your plan. It’s okay. Enjoy the moment you’re in and take it one thing at a time. Like I said in point #2, things happen. You’ll enjoy your entire trip more if you focus on the moment than to always being looking forward to the next thing that may or may not happen.

13. If staying on property, check what free activities your resort offers!

Go to the community hall, go to the front desk, visit your gift shop, oh…. AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MOVIE UNDER THE STARS! On most nights, Disney resorts have a movie playing outside under the stars, hence the name. Go to your front desk at your resort to ask for the movie schedule!

14. Go swimming!

If you’re staying on property and have some down time… Go swimming! People are always so busy at the parks, over at Disney Springs, eating out, chilling in their room or taking tours and the pools are actually usually (surprisingly) way emptier than you may think! I have yet to ever experience an overcrowded pool, on the contrary, my experience at Disney pools has been Colleen and I being the only people in the entire pool and having the entire pool to ourselves.

15. Stay hydrated!

Yes, seems obvious. But you will be going 1 million miles a minute just to try and accomplish all on your to-do list, you may forget to drink water! Especially if you’re drinking around the world over at EPCOT! Drink, drink, drink…. WATER, WATER, Water!!

16. Wear sunscreen!

Although sometimes it gets cloudy, the sun down in Disney World is way hot and do not be fooled by the clouds… put on that sunscreen!

17. Download the Disney Experience App!

You basically NEED this in order to function anywhere on Disney property. This app will be your lifeline. Download it. You need it. 

18. Look up shareable snacks!

Most snacks anywhere on Disney will be over priced. You might as well research the park/resort you will be visiting and find snacks that are super huge and shareable! Some snacks will be like $9 for something small, but then you can find a snack for the same price that will feed 2-3 people! Do your research on this! It could save you a good chunk of money depending on how much of a snacker you are!

19. Go resort hopping! 

“If it's free, it's for me”! A phrase my mother drilled into my head! Look at the bus schedules and go visit other resorts! Disney actually encourages you to do so! It is their hope that you fall in love with another resort and make you want to return soon to experience another resort! Or even to buy into DVC, Disney's version of a timeshare. We are owners at Disney's Saratoga Springs since 2019!

20. The posted wait time is almost ALWAYS longer than the actual time you’ll spend in line!

Simple as that. Don’t let those posted times (especially those on the Disney Experience App!) scare you away from riding that ride you’ve been longing for! 

21. If you find yourself riding Soarin over at EPCOT, ask for the center of the first row!

Not all spots are created equally! Depending on your seating arrangement, the Eiffel tower will be super curved and distorted. Not every request made to a cast member will be honored, but it is worth asking for the special seating with the best view! They may ask you to wait, which, I promise, is well worth it!

22. Fast passes are free!

Yes, I know… fast passes aren’t being accepted/used right now during covid protocols. However, on the Disney app, you get 3 fast passes to schedule before you actually enter the park. However, after you use those 3 fast passes, although people believe they have to purchase more, you actually get an additional fast pass after your 3 are used! So, as soon as all 3 passes are used up, go on the app and schedule your next one! This will go on and on and on.

That's all for now! If you agree, disagree or have questions regarding any of these points, be sure to let us know! You can message us privately on our insta, comment on this blog down below, or even email us at

Thanks being part of our community! 

-My Wife And I

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