blog post- 5: May Trip! A few things learned.

Published on 8 June 2021 at 12:35

My wife and I just returned from our Disney trip and here are a few things we’ve learned!

  1. Disney without masks makes Disney a whole lot better!
  2. They’re limiting the social distance from 6 ft to 3 ft (note to self when you’re standing in line 10 ft from the person in front of you; don’t be that person).
  3. There is no bus from Pop Century to EPCOT. 3a- The walk from Art of Animation to Pop Century is WAY longer than you think… 
  4. The park capacity is definitely not at 30% anymore. Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced that they’re “gradually increasing park capacity”, but would not give a number. Our guess? Capacity is certainly higher than 30%, probably closer to 85-90% capacity.
  5. Whatever the posted wait time is for a ride, you can be certain that your time spent waiting in line is about 15-20 minutes shorter than what is posted. While in line for FOP (Flight of Passage, Animal Kingdom) at 7:45 AM (Before park is even open), the posted time was 75 minutes, we waited 50 minutes in a constantly moving line. 


These are just a few things we learned on our recent trip to Disney!

No matter how many times we go, we always end up learning something! It’s when we feel like Disney pro’s when we learn something totally unexpected, which we love! Disney always keeps us on our heels, which presents a challenge, but a challenge that is fun to tackle and solve with your significant other, family or party.

On this trip, we visited Animal Kingdom and EPCOT; WE ROPE DROPPED BOTH PARKS (Find out more about Rope Drop HERE-->'s%20Rope%20Drop%3F,at%20the%20entrance%20pretty%20early!  ). Yes, it was daunting. Yes, it was tiring. Yes, it was all well worth it. We were done with all major rides and attractions before 1PM everyday, which then gives you more time to shop, walk, explore, enjoy other attractions and even go around other Disney properties! We cannot stress this enough for you and your party, TIME IS MONEY! Make good use of your time and plan plan plan. Organization is key when doing Disney. If you do that well, you will make good use of your hard earned money!

Have fun doing Disney and we hope this article made you laugh, smile, want to go to Disney or a mix of ALL! 

- Mywifeandi

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